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About RadioMagazineNG

Nigeria's first digital radio magazine & radio streaming portal

Radio Magazine Nigeria ®

Everything RADIO/OAP. The Radio Magazine Nigeria is a publication/media platform for the radio industry in Nigeria. Taking advantage of the emerging digital media platform, we create a magazine where you can flip/see/listen and interact about RADIO !

We have created a channel of all Nigerian Radio stations, giving you the choice to click-dial into any station that interests your mood at any given time.

More so, read about the happenings in the studio of your favourite stations ...realtime !

With us, you just don't listen to the radio, you SEE radio.

Take time to view all the tabs while you listen to Radio Also.

Expertise & Skills - Radio Solutions

Radio Magazine Nigeria offers the following solutions based on our vast experience in the Radio Industry:

Setting up a Radio Station from Scratch
Location and Transmitter Set up
Studio Design and Set up
Equipment Supply and Set up
Recruitment/Personel Supply
Social Media Publicity
Full promotion and Target Audience Solution
Online Presence (Web/Social Media) and Digital Solution
Training and Recruitment
Programmes Design and Consultation
Brand Marketing
Events Management