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Ifunanya Igwe was born and raised in Nigeria, Ify attended Corona Secondary school and graduated from The University of Cape-Coast in Ghana with a degree in psychology.

She is a radio presenter and voice over artiste popularly known for hosting "The Midday Show With Ify" on  Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, Lagos.

Although new to the scene she's definitely taking the entertainment industry by storm, She took a break from the world of science to focus on her interest in media. 

This multifaceted broadcaster has always had interests in broadcasting, philanthropy and fashion designing.

One of her major goals as a broadcaster is to raise the bar for women in the broadcasting industry by empowering women through her work.

She seeks to change the misconceptions of being a female in the entertainment industry, by making a significant difference in her field.

She is very focused, driven and passionate about the thing she loves doing most especially connecting with people and using talk, inspirations & media as a tool to reach people.

With her zeal to inspire the world, she began a project called Inspiration To Live (@inspirationtolive_ng) where she sends out a weekly podcast With inspirational words to touch lives.